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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Jessica Simpson's Shoe Line

Jessica Simpson shoes have become a hot commodity since their debut in February of ’06. It’s little wonder the shoes by Jessica Simpson have hit the fashion market by storm, with dozens of women’s shoes in her line – including espadrille shoes, platform flip flops, flip flop sandals, sexy boots, and cowboy boots – there is something to please every fashion style, taste, and occasion.

Keeping Fashionable Women’s Shoes Affordable

One of the greatest allures of the Jessica Simpson shoes is the fact that they keep fashion affordable. Several of the shoes by Jessica Simpson are designed to mimic shoes created by top fashion designers, some of which cost well over $1,000 per pair. With the Jessica Simpson line shoes, the fashion conscious can don this desirable footwear without feeling the pinch in the pocketbook. In fact, the shoes by Jessica Simpson cost anywhere from $60-$160 – a price well worth paying for an adorable pair of quality, fashionable women’s shoes.

Keeping Shoe’s By Jessica Simpson Accessible

Another perk to the Jessica Simpson line shoes is the fact they are easily accessible to anyone interested in purchasing them. The women’s shoes and cowboy boots can be found at many major department stores.

For those who enjoy shopping from the convenience of their own home, or who don’t live near to one of the stores offering the shoes, Jessica Simpson shoes can also be purchased on the Internet by visiting sites such as On this site, consumers can browse through the entire line of Jessica Simpson shoes and easily find the perfect pair for any occasion.

Finding Diversity with Jessica Simpson Shoes

Another great aspect of the shoes by Jessica Simpson is the diversity of products the line offers. Unlike many other lines of women’s shoes, consumers aren’t limited to just one certain style of shoe. In fact, the shoes by Jessica Simpson include wedges, heels, wedged sandals, flip flops, flat sandals, and cowboy boots. Literally, everything but tennis shoes can be found with the Jessica Simpson line shoes – a fact that certainly won’t be a problem for fashionable consumers.

Among the more popular Jessica Simpson shoes are the Barb, the Amy, and the Bonny. The Barb pump Jessica Simpson shoe, which is styled to look like a Christian Louboutin shoe, is easily the most popular of these three. These round-toed platform pumps are on a four-inch heel and contain a synthetic sole. The Amy is similar to the Barb Jessica Simpson shoe, but has a peep toe and a sling back. The Bonny is a bit different from the other two, with a four-inch cork wedge and a leather upper knot design.

Of course, the line of shoes by Jessica Simpson would not be complete without the addition of women’s boots. From sexy boots to cowboy boots, it can all be found within the Jessica Simpson line shoes. Taking advantage of her recent blockbuster Dukes of Hazard movie, Simpson offers a pair of boots called Daisy, which are modeled after the boots she wore in the movie. In addition, she has a pair of boots called Jessica modeled after her own signature style. These western-styled, sexy boots include a leather upper with stitch detail as well as a trendy slouch, all of which sits on top of a three-inch heel.

Despite already having dozens of shoes in her line, Simpson plans to launch more designs in May and June of ’06. In addition, a Jessica Simpson handbag line is coming soon. This line will offer handbags designed specifically to match the shoes by Jessica Simpson, making coordination and fashion a no-brainer at an affordable price.

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