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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Jessica Simpson Shoe Sale: The Eddi

My Review of the Jessica Simpson Eddi Shoe

The Eddi is a shoe I have not reviewed before, but luckily, it's on sale this week. The shoe described as an "audacious platform sandal" that "steals the show." I wonder if the name was taken from the Eddi Britt character on Desperate Housewives.

Only currently available in Orange and Bronze, this Jessica Simpson shoe will definitely put you in the spotlight. The heel on these is 4 inches. The top of the shoes are made with criss crossed pieces of leather than are tacked in with little accents.

As with most of the shoes from the Jessica Simpson line, the Eddi's have a rubber sole on the bottom, with Jessica's signature embossed on them. I believe that the shoe itself is wooden, but they do have a little padding on the heel for comfort.

Get this shoe while it's on sale - I have a feeling this will be your last chance, and I don't think it will be restocked when it sells out. The color that I prefer is Orange, but the Bronze is nice if you don't want to attract as much attention.

Here's a photo of the Orange Jessica Simpson Eddi:

Sizes: 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10 (5.5 and 6 are currently out of stock)
Colors: Bronze, Orange
Price: $63.95 and $71.95 (was $73.95)
Shipping: Free with Zappos

Customer Review of the Jessica Simpson Eddi:

2006-03-22 06:48:43 Jessica Simpson Eddi
Anonymous from Houston

What a great shoe! Great looking shoe (I bought the bronze) -- AMAZING comfort. With a little wide foot, I never thought I could wear one of those "cute" Jessica Simpson shoes. I can wear this one, I swear, all day long. I even have 3 kids and can balance one on my hip (while looking pretty hip). Great buy for a little shoe therapy!!

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