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Saturday, February 28, 2009

About Jessica Simpson Shoes

All about Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson handbag and Jessica Simpson footwear lines define Americana of today: an iconic, fashion forward image - accessible, comfortable and timeless. The collections are American and feminine, forward but classically familiar, approachable yet inspirational, sexy yet sweet, flirtatious and whimsical, vintage at times, but always of-the-moment.

Jessica Simpson’s
career continues to inspire and entertain! Her fun and friendly personality has led to legions of fans that look up to her as a fashion icon. Jessica Simpson handbag and Jessica Simpson footwear collections are inspired by her lifestyle and love of fashion! The collections deliver trends born from great design and high quality materials that celebrate her All-American style. Glamorous, and comfortable, edgy and versatile, Jessica Simpson handbags and Jessica Simpson footwear put the fashionista in the every day!

Jessica Simpson says: “I am every girl, I want my clothing to be accessible and fun…I want women and girls to feel comfortable and confident wearing my products.”

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