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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Update on the Jessica Simpson Amy Heel


The Jessica Simpson Amy heel has been one of the favorites from Jessica's line.

It's selling out (along with the Jessica Simpson Barb) in stores and on shoe sites all over the internet.

As the Amy (and of course the Barb) is restocked, I will post updates to my blog. This will help you to minimize your search time for these great shoes!

Currently, the Jessica Simpson Amy heel is available in Platinum on Zappos. The only size available at this moment is an 8 Medium.

I do however expect these shoes to back in stock soon. The good news is that Jessica Simpson plans to release 20 new styles in the coming weeks.

Visit for the latest updates!

Photo of the Jessica Simpson Amy Heel

Customer Reviews of the Jessica Simpson Amy Heel

2006-05-05 12:23:43 Jessica Simpson Amy
Bellisima from New Jersey
Looks sexy with everything and they are very comfortable.

2006-05-04 15:40:44 Jessica Simpson Amy
Dee from Texas
FABULOUS!!! These are so great! A very sexy shoe, and sure to be noticed in. I got the Barbs as well as these and the Barbs are way to narrow for me. I had to go up a size. I think the "Amy" are true to size. Thank you Jessica!!

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